California Revival Decor is the tasteful juxtaposition of handmade works of tile, pottery, wrought iron, furniture, plein aire and romantic paintings, and Mexicana from early 20th Century California. Inspired by the natural beauty of the landscape and by the cultures that came together in California in that era, these pieces are the basis of the most unique and definitive California decor. Much of the tile, pottery, and painting is vibrantly colorful. Many pieces depict life around the ranches and missions and are significant cultural artifacts both as hand-made objects and as depictions of another social world. Other works depict birds, ships, or the natural beauty of the California mountains, deserts, valleys, and coast.

Among the best known companies producing these works were J.A. Bauer Pottery, Catalina Island Pottery, Malibu Potteries, Gladding, McBean, S&S Tile, D&M Tile, Garden City Pottery, Pacific Clay, Santa Monica Brick, Tudor Tile, Calco, the San Jose Workshops (the exception to the rule, as they were in Texas), Hillside, Taylor Tilery, Mason Manufacturing Company (Monterey furniture), Angelus Furniture (Coronado), Imperial Cabinet, and Del Rey. The craftsmen and artisans of these companies and the artists and iron workers of the day have left us a body of work in tile, pottery, wood, iron, and canvas that is California's heritage.

This website is a resource for the growing number of admirers and collectors of these treasures, providing information on a recently published book, a description of one collector's journey to this passion, and a list of resources of interest to those who want to see, learn about, or acquire pieces.